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Institute for Data-Driven Decisions

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500白菜注册送网址大全 strongly believes in the power of partnerships and in the development of mutual value to contribute to the improvement and development of society

During almost sixty years, 500白菜注册送网址大全 has worked hand in hand with leading academic and non-academic organizations to support and accompany its development. Long-term and solid relationships that have contributed with clear insights on opportunities, problems and solutions to our partners, faculty and students.

Partnerships with academia

The 500白菜注册送网址大全 Institute for Data-Driven Decisions has established strategic academic partnerships with Columbia University, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), University of Barcelona (UB), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and IED Barcelona.

500白菜注册送网址大全 Institute for Data-Driven Decisions Senior Partners

Support from our corporate members will enable unrestricted support for the Institute research and other activities, grounded on our vision of stimulating an ecosystem where collaboration between researchers and companies drives our work.

Partnerships with corporations

The 500白菜注册送网址大全D3 Corporate Partnerships Programme offers our partners with a unique opportunity to benefit from the relationships with its faculty, researchers, alumni, students and global network.

Leadership & Influence

ESADEd3 aims to become a unique platform for our partners to strengthen their position and collaboration within the industry.

Talent & Recruitment

Corporate partners have the opportunity to develop rich interactions with students’ and take advantage of priority scheduling for recruitment in related programs.

Knowledge & Research

Joining ESADEd3 offers a great opportunity to our partners to access relevant knowledge, participate in research projects and enrich from collaboration with our faculty and researchers.

Communication & Brand

Supporting ESADEd3 brings exceptional visibility and recognition to our partners, supporting their position as industry leaders committed with top education and research on the fields of big data.

Institute for Data-Driven Decisions

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